Winter Birthdays 2020

From January - March, we wished six of our 4-legged friends a Happy Birthday. This Birthday Blog marks 1 year since I've been writing these! If you're interested, see what I wrote about these guys last year HERE.


This Lady has been a staple in our pack since near the beginning, and I've known her for much longer. I fondly remember our first walk together meandering down 17th ave window shopping and bird watching.

Meeko is a quiet girl that views the world calmly through her dark eye-liner eyes. It has taken a long time for her to show me her 'excited' side.

First, she started making weird theremin noises when she is excited about a walk. Next, she showed me her version of the 'zoomies' (she crunches down so low to the ground that I can't help but call her a scuttlebutt... because her butt is scuttling? Don't ask me, it was inspired).

What are you going to show me next Meeko?

Thanks for being a cool and collected member of the pack.


Tiger brings me so much joy when I see him. He lights up and does his happy dance without fail. I don't think bad moods/off days exist in Tiger's world.

While he loves to run and chase, he also loves to bark at the big dogs when they are being a little too crazy for him. He may be small, but he has the respect of the pack when he means business!

Tiger and I recently mastered our Lay-down command - my lay-down command needs no work, but Tiger has inspired me to practice it more often (jk!). Thanks for learning and growing with me Tiger. Looking forward to many more walks in the future.


For a long time, I've considered Jenna a bit of a kindred spirit. And I would definitely reveal way too much about my inner workings then might be appropriate if I were to share why! Ha!


Jenna gets the queen's throne in the van (ie the crate) so that she can sprawl without having to tell the other dogs off for getting too close to her.

She is an expert at migratory pack walking - just watching her body language and her light gait when she settles into the walk calms my mind and gets me ready for the walk ahead.

She is playful, fun, curious and independent. She loves doing little pack exercises and I see her focus hone in on me and her light shine brighter when I work with her.

Thanks for sharing space with me Jenna. I look forward to many more walks with you.


Gunner is Silver Jet's only drop-in client. He alone holds the right to drop-in spots because he is an AMAZING dog. Gunner brings the party to the pack - he has this amazing ability to make even the least playful dogs play with him. He is full of joy, easy-going, loving, friendly and an expert at reading other dogs' body language and adjusting his own energy to match theirs.

We could all use some Gunner light these days!

BUT. Gunner is all fun and games until he rolls in a mud puddle and then I have to hose him off in the backyard.

You should probably read the whole story HERE.


Every time I pick up Roxy for a pack walk I'm singing "Roxy Roller", no joke. I actually had to ask my band if we could cover that song just to give my mind some peace.

It is amazing to me how unassuming and easy-going a dog can be when you first walk them. You think "yeah, ok, this is going well: well-behaved, good on-leash, gets along with the pack... can't ask for much more". But then a few weeks into walking the dog, you slowly start to see their personality shine. The dog really has to get comfortable with you and the other dogs before they will start to show you their true self. And that is exactly what is happening with Roxy. It seems like she is showing me a new side of her every walk.

And for that, I say thank you. Gosh darn it - I might have a tear in my eye. I'm looking forward to learning more about you as we go along my pretty lady.


Oh, Noya. So here we are, come full circle again. You have taught me so much over the time I've been walking you.

Noya, out of all my clients, requires me to be so on top of my dog handling game. If I miss a beat, then her energy comes in the form of unfocused over-excitement. It may look like pulling on the leash, or trying to play with other dogs in an overly stimulated kind of way.

So some days I take the reminder that Noya gives me, take a breath, and come to my present moment handling my pack.

Noya blossoms like a flower under a calm and consistent handling hand. She calms down, walks beautifully, enjoys her off-leash time, interacts calmly with the rest of the pack and is the spitting image of a beautifully balanced white beauty.