Winter Birthdays 2019

From January - March, we wished four of our 4-legged friends a Happy Birthday. Read on to meet our Party Poopers!

Meet Tiger! Tiger has been with the pack only for a few months, but has already made himself at home. This turbo charged bundle of joy loves to chase the big dogs (if only his little legs could keep up!), and sniff and pee to his heart's content. Happy Birthday Tiger!

Jenna is a long time member of the Silver Jet Pack. While she's been in the pack for a long time, it took until last fall before she started to play with her fellow pack members. Since then I've seen her personality, and our relationship, flourish. Happy Birthday Jenna!

Cassius has the biggest personality (and the biggest slobber reserve) of the Silver Jet Pack. This goofy guy is an amazing on leash walker, an expert snoozer (proficient at sawing logs), and a world class farter. Cass is a staple in the pack, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Birthday Cass!

When I pick up Noya for a walk, I have to wake her up and wait while she has a big leisurely stretch and moseys out of bed. Outside however, Noya loves to run and play hard while she shouts her excitement for the whole world to hear. Your enthusiasm is a pleasure. Happy Birthday Noya!

Looking forward to another year with you four!

Happy Trails,

Holly, Duke and Jax