What Has Your Dog Been Practicing?

You know the saying "practice makes perfect"? Ever applied that saying to your dog?

Just think about it, what behaviours has your dog been practicing every single day? Has your dog become a self-proclaimed expert of that field?

Might it be:

- pulling on the leash?

- waking you up at 4am to pee?

- rummaging through the garbage can after bacon brunch day?

- barking at other people or dogs while on your walk?

Or might it be:

- waiting patiently outside of the kitchen while you are cooking?

- walking beside or behind you while on walks?

- checking in with you regularly while off-leash?

If your dog has been practicing 'bad' behaviours over and over and over again, how many times do you think he needs to practice it the 'right' way before the fundamental behaviour changes? I honestly don't know, but I know it's a lot!

So if you're working on changing your dogs behaviours, or training your dog, keep this idea in mind!

What behaviours has your dog been practicing?

Until next time, happy trails

Holly, Duke and Jax