What are you thinking about?

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to CBC while driving around. Without going into too much detail, the interview was about the things that we do, without even noticing, that cause us to really stress out. One aspect that they discussed was our thought patterns.

For example: What are you thinking about when you're getting ready for work?

Is it the pile of emails you need to slog through, that meeting you're unprepared for, or that co-worker that you can't stand? Are these thoughts calmly preparing you for a cool and stress-free day at the office? I'm guessing not. My guess is that these kinds of thought are stressing you out and creating a lot of emotional drama that you then have to maintain all day. Sounds exhausting.

This whole topic really hit home for me one morning during my morning walk when I noticed that I was thinking about how I needed to clean my car that evening. What does cleaning my car have to do with my walk? I don't particularly like cleaning my car, so my realization that I was wasting my thinking energy on something I don't like when I could be focused on much more productive things (see https://www.silverjetdog.com/blog/presence-more-on-the-human-dog-relationship) was alarming!

So I challenge all of you to be aware of what you're thinking about. Especially when you're walking your dog. (If you're thinking about stressful things, what kind of energy do you think you're sending your dog without even noticing?).

Take it one step further and try to be aware of what you're thinking about all the time. (Hint: this is really difficult!).

Until next time, happy trails

Holly, Duke and Jax