Walk like Jackie Chan

One evening I found myself perusing Netflix, browsing through some easy-to-watch mindless entertainment when I came upon "The Karate Kid" starring Jackie Chan. I've always enjoyed Jackie Chan movies in a lighthearted kind of way, so I hit play and settled in with some popcorn.

While it was an entertaining movie, what struck me the most was watching Jackie Chan walk. How he settles into his posture and moves is something I've never paid attention to before, but it's a thing of beauty!

It's almost as if his lower abdomen floats through space, his legs moving independently gliding along the ground. His shoulders are rolled back, like his shoulder blades are being tucked into his back pockets. His whole upper body is relaxed and fully grounded into his core.

That is the walk of a man perfectly balanced and strong. I'm pretty sure if you went over and pushed him, his body wouldn't move an inch because he's so grounded.

Now, when I have a moment of calm and presence while walking my pack, I say to myself "walk like Jackie Chan". I mimic his posture and his grace. It's especially helpful when I know passerby's are watching in admiration (everyone wants to be walking 8 dogs, right?).

If you find yourself browsing Netflix, try watching a Jackie Chan film, and pay special attention to how he walks!