Training the Leader (TTL): Introduction

The past 2 weeks have seen me "adulting" harder than I have in a long time. I have hired my first employee with my own business, created a work schedule for them, pencilled up a training program, applied for WCB coverage, set up an employee account with the CRA (actually I had to ask my accountant to do it!), sent a pay stub, took someone else's direct deposit information for a change, actually paid someone AND paid taxes on paying someone. Whew.

Being responsible for someone's paycheck is one of the scariest responsibilities I think I've ever taken on. Don't get me wrong, I am overloaded with excitement for the future, but first steps are always a little scary. So, hats off to all you who have been paying employees! I have a newly gained respect for you.

But this is all besides the point. What I wanted to write about today was some of the training points that I've been covering with Sophie - our newest Pack Leader.

Through teaching private music lessons, training new employees, and working one-on-one with dog training clients, I believe that I have a relatively good ability to present information in an understandable and applicable manner. However, the added nervousness and pressure of representing myself and my brand in the absolute best light is a new challenge. One that I think I'm stepping up to pretty well - at least so far.

In light of my new role as Head Trainer of Pack Leaders, I thought it would be really nice for me to give short little blog lessons about some of the concepts that I talk with Sophie about. A little bit of a different take of on the 5-minute dog game videos going around these days!

In my experience, to learn something right, you have to start at the beginning. So while my mind may bounce back and forth between concepts in real-time, I'm really hoping that these posts will have a little bit more of a beginning to middle (there is never an end) feeling, so make sure to read them in order. I do believe that the basic concepts will apply to everyone with a relationship with a dog regardless of whether my examples are coming from a pack or a one-on-one environment.

So here is the intro to my little blog series called "Training the Leader". My goal is that by sharing this information with you, you can take away a few lessons that help you grow the relationship you have with your dog.

I hope you enjoy,

Holly, Duke and Jax