The Importance of Energy When Walking Your Dog

I transcribed (and edited) this text from a video by a well known dog professional (you may guess who it is right away, but I will reveal it later). When I saw this video, I smacked myself on the head and said "That's exactly what I'm trying to say!" (I obviously need to get some of my thoughts in order and improve my writing skills! LOL)

So here you go:

"So the walk is about experiencing a calmness with someone that you love. The walk, for me, is something where the human should not think about anything. The human should feel calm, confidence, love and joy. Once you light your body that way, whoever is around is gonna feel that energy. Then once you have this energy, you say "I wanna go two blocks away from my house". That's just the destination. The energy is more important than the destination. Because you can go two blocks away in a rush and that's not a healthy walk for you. The energy that you're projecting is not healthy to your dogs. So that's why it's important for the human to know what energy is best to be around nature. I'm not telling humans “Hey don't practice Anger”, just don't do it around animals."

I would like to add that this energy is not something you can just get (for most of us anyways). It is something that you must spend time being aware of and working on.

How to work on it? That's a topic for another day.

Did you guess which famous dog professional said those wonderful things? You guessed it! (or maybe not):

Cesar Millan

Until next time

Holly, Duke and Jax