• Holly

The Dreaded Vet

Hello everyone and Happy Post Thanksgiving! As per usual, life in the Silver Jet household always keeps me on my toes.

In the last couple of weeks, Duke has been suffering from an anal gland infection. This is the second one he's had in his life, the first being almost one year ago. I believe that both of his infections were caused by changes to his diet. I guess as he is getting older his body is getting more finicky - what a picky old man!

The best way to treat an anal gland infection (as I've discovered) is to first express the anal glands (clear out the fluid), and insert antibiotics directly into the anal gland sac. Sounds riveting.

The only problem is that I am the worst dog mom and only take Duke to the vet when he's getting poked and prodded, never just to visit for a pet or a treat. I warmly remember his first 2 ever vet visits with me (because I was also a bad dog mom and didn't go in for a meet and greet and check up when Duke became a part of my family).

The first one was because a dog snapped at his at the dog park and put a cut in his side (I'm not going to say bit him, because the other dog just managed to catch the end of her tooth on Duke's side trying to get a stick. Not really that dog's fault). Anyways, that first vet visit included a wound exploration and staples.

The second visit (only a few months later), was when Duke got up close and personal with a porcupine. My vet was amazing and got everything prepared while I sped over with a very unhappy Duke in the back seat. This appointment saw Duke getting sedated and I'm sure he woke up VERY sore from getting quills pulled and cut out of his body.

So yeah, after those first 2 experiences at the vet, I can understand why he thinks it's the worst place on the planet. As soon as he walks into the door, Duke immediately becomes an over-driven extreme Weim anxiety case x100 (I'm sure all Weim owner's out there know what I'm talking about). Funnily enough, we've done this enough that he knows he has to sit on the scale, so he walks in, has a mental breakdown, manages to sit still on the scale (even before he's asked) and then tries his absolute best to drag me to the door (if it's the last thing he does).

Because of this little dilemma, it's nearly impossible for my wonderful veterinarian to perform the delicate procedure of sticking a syringe into the opening of his anal glands to insert antibiotics while he's kicking, shaking, and still trying to drag me to the door. As a consequence, Duke needed to be sedated in order for them to perform a procedure that takes less than 2 minutes. While I would like to say "It's his own fault" I know that the fault is mostly mine.

And the best part? The antibiotics into the anal sacks procedure need to happen, not once, no... not even twice, but THREE TIMES to make sure that the infection is gone. Three times. Just think about how horrible you would feel if you went in for sedation dentistry once a week for 3 weeks in a row. It's super hard on their bodies and not something I would choose to put any dog through. Thankfully my vet is amazing and prescribed us some oral anti-anxiety (makes him dopey) and anti-seizure (makes him a little less likely to kick the vet in the chest while she's poking his bum hole) to take before our appointment. We had our last treatment this morning and I'm happy to say that it looks like Duke is in the clear. We got out with only having to do full sedation once, and getting Duke pretty high a couple of times on the oral medication.

So let this be a lesson to all readers! TAKE YOUR DOG TO THE VET WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE AN APPOINTMENT JUST TO SAY HI! I'm sure your vet will thank you. And if the staff aren't busy, I'm sure they would be very happy to offer some treats and pets to make your dog's veterinary experience that much better.

Holly's pro tip:

1. Pick a vet that has a free coffee machine

2. This will be your new morning walk destination

3. Never pay for a morning coffee again - and socialize your dog to the vets all at the same time!

(you all know what I'm doing on Saturday morning, coffee date anyone?)