Summer Birthdays 2020

Between July 1 and Sept 30, we wished 8 of our Pack Members a happy birthday!

Read on to meet our party poopers!

Take a walk down memory lane to see our partiers from last year!


Ms. Jersey, you don't look a day over 5! Your grunty snorts make me laugh and your smile is contagious. I've really enjoyed being present for some of your new pack experiences, you've learned so much over the last while, It's hard not to be proud. Looking forward to many more walks together.


What an insane year you've had Gatsby! I am so, so happy that you've recovered from your back surgery better than ever! Just in the past couple of weeks, you've shown me a soft, playful side that I've only ever seen glimpses of in the past. First, you were playing with Rooney, and just today Sophie told me that you were chasing Kayda around. I've been working with you for years and now you decide to get puppy-fever? LOL!

Seriously though, thank you so so much Gatsby.

Scout and Chewy

Scout and Chewy both started with me in the Litter Jetters program many months ago. There it was my absolute pleasure to teach them the basic Silver Jet skills and watch them grow. After a few months off around Covid, they came back to the pack, full-grown and full of energy! Both have such a wonderful energy to them - easy going and happy to be with people and other dogs. We've been working on re-establishing the Silver Jet rules and boundaries with them in the pack, and both have been accepting both with grace. Our on-leash walks have come so far in the short time they've been back. Looking forward to working more with these two!


Thank you for being such a stand-up pack member and being so invaluable in helping me training Sophie to be an outstanding handler and Pack Leader.I'm so happy that you've found your home in the Silver Jet Pack and in our hearts. Looking forward to many more walks together.


I started working with you at around 6 months old, and here you are, 4 years old! The grey coming in on your muzzle warms my heart and suits your ever changing demeanor. This past year has seen you grow a tonne in maturity - a new baby human and new puppies in the greater family! I'm so proud of how you've been able to navigate all these changes. Looking forward to many more walks together my friend.

Bam Bam and Kara

These two are still pretty new to the pack, but man have I enjoyed working with them both! They both have such different personalities and both very LARGE personalities. Kara will wiggle her butt right off when she sees you but is also very independent. Bam Bam is more uncertain of new people (and things, fast-moving objects, busy environments, etc etc) but he'll stick to your side if you handle him right and give him a job he can exceed at.

I'm so happy that you've both found your way to our pack, looking forward to many more walks together!