Summer Birthdays 2019

From July - September, we wished four of our 4-legged friends a Happy Birthday. Read on to meet our Party Poopers!

Meet Loki, one of our oldest Silver Jet Dogs. Loki enjoys sniffing and rolling, we will often have to wait for him to catch up when at the off-leash park if he's found a particularly interesting spot to smell. When he gets the urge to play, usually with Jaxsley, he is the most awkward dog. He likes to poke his nose into Jax's neck and then jump back in anticipation, a highly amusing scene.

As the board says, Loki enjoys barking at our younger pack members when they are being too rambunctious, and also at every dog we drive by (just in case they were listening). A pack memory was when he found a dead fish along the river and rolled in it. We had to make an emergency stop at the self dog wash to try to get some of the stink off!

Looking forward to many more walks together my friend.

This is Mr. Gatsby, not the smallest Silver Jetter, but one of them! Gatsby loves to claim the kennel in the car when it's available, I think because it gives him a nice place to have an uninterrupted snooze after a long walk. While he enjoys hanging out with the pack, the excitement he has when we come across other people at the park is heartwarming, he is definitely a human lover! I thoroughly enjoy the snuggle time we get while riding the elevator back up to his house.

As the board says, Gatsby loves standing in the river on hot days. He doesn't splash around too much but likes to feel the water rush by his legs. A pack memory was when we ran into an old dog friend of his (his own size!) at the dog park. He played like I have never seen him play before! The reunion of long lost friends.

Looking forward to many more walks with you, little one!

I have known Scout for many years and have had the pleasure of walking her the past couple. She was one of the first Silver Jet dogs! It has been such a pleasure to see her relax in the pack more and more and open up to playing with more of the dogs. Scout is such a wise lady with a hard job at home to come back too, so I feel privileged to give her space to "dog-out". Just relax and be her doggy self in a structured environment that nurtures her soul and curbs some of her border collie tendencies.

As the board says, Scout is a master at hiding her poops in the WORST places. I have had to walk through deep snow, bushwack through bushes, and essentially flatten patches of tall grass to find her poops. As a pack memory, I chose when she started playing with Chewie (who may just be our smallest Silver Jetter). Those two have traits of an "alpha B" (excuse my language) personality, so it was surprising that they started playing with each other. And now they are inseparable. I will not allow either client to change their walk schedule for fear that I won't be able to walk them together!

Scout, you aren't allowed to get a different dog walker, so looking forward to a LIFETIME of walks with you my little skunk!

Finn may just be the FIRST Silver Jet Dog. I think I met him when he was less than 6 months old. When I filled out his board, I couldn't believe that he was only 3 years old. We've worked so much together and made so much progress and faced just as many challenges together, that it seemed impossible. But the fact that he has come this far, and that he's ONLY 3, is really amazing.

As the board says Finn will make a bee-line to ANY and EVERY body of water he sees, no matter what the weather holds. He loves rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, and puddles and doesn't discriminate! A pack memory for me is how far he's come with his dropped leash skills. While his recall still isn't reliable (maybe when you're 4!), his dropped leash has become really solid. Finn knows when it's time to "work" and thoroughly enjoys the challenge.

Looking forward to many more years and many more challenges conquered!

Until next time, happy trails my party poopers!

Holly, Duke and Jax