Spring Birthdays 2020

This Spring we wished 7 of our pack members a happy birthday, read on to celebrate with us!

Check out what I wrote about these kids last year HERE.

Her hair fits her personality to a "T", wild and crazy but also delicate with a subtle wave. She will jump over dogs and from side to side until the very end of the walk when she'll pick a spot and walk calmly. She has amazing recall and loves to play relay games with Jaxsley, She's... ROONEY!

He is full of beans - especially in the afternoon - but is loyal, lovable and cuddly. This guy pushes me to be the most creative dog handler I can be. I am constantly coming up with different ways to keep his brain working and engaged. He is the kind of dog that makes a Pack Leader great. He is... HANK!

He is the most fun-loving working dog I think I've ever met. He loves to show off his stuffies when he gets dropped off at home and his favourite past time may be trying to fit multiple balls in his mouth. His full-body tail wag will lighten any day and his joy permeates through the pack. He is... OSCAR!

She may only be in the pack one day a week, but she bosses the big dogs around like she owns the van! She is the model of a great Silver Jet Dog - she struts her on-leash walk like she's on the catwalk, she shows off her pack training skills like the world is watching, and she takes full advantage of her free off-leash time to run and play hard! She's... CHEWIE!

She has a big job at home: making sure her momma comes home from working at the hospital safely and keeping the bears away on her countless mountain adventures. She is constantly growing and maturing in the pack, but don't let her wise face fool you - she'll wiggle her bum off and happily run circles whenever she gets the chance! She's... SAVANNAH!

She loses her mind when she sees Duke outside of Pack Class and pees more often than not when she sees Holly. She is always gaining confidence and absorbing the equalizing energy that is the power of the pack. She is one of the most wonderful, unique and lovely staffies I've had the pleasure to spend time with. She's... FREYA!

He is still the Original Silver Jet Dog, resident old man and butt head. He continues to push me as no other dog has. He likes to sleep in, prefers to eat breakfast after 10am, but keeps up just fine with the pack - just don't ask him to carry the backpack (that's for those young kids). He's... DUKE!

Looking forward to many more years with all of you!

Happy Trails,

Holly, Duke and Jax.