Spring Birthdays 2019

From April - June, we wished six of our 4-legged friends a Happy Birthday. Read on to meet our Party Poopers!

Meet Rooney (also known as Roons-Magoons)! I've had the pleasure of working with Rooney as a dog trainer, a dog daycare attendant and a dog walker (we've been following each other around for years!). Rooney is the life of the party and a social butterfly in our pack. It's a pleasure to have your happy energy in the van, Happy Birthday Rooney!

Duke is, of course, the original Silver Jet Dog and resident old man and butt head. Even though he's getting to be middle aged, his endless energy is unceasing. Thank you for constantly pushing me to be a better dog handler, person and business owner. Here's to many more years rocking in the free world side by side, Happy Birthday Duke.

Meet Oscar! I've also known Oscar in multiple different capacities over the years. First through daycare, then dog training and now walking. I've seen this guy grow through his puppyhood and develop into the beautiful dog he is today. Oscar is a dog that I work pretty intensely with when he's in my care, his hunting dog mind is always looking for something to chase! I am so proud of the progress we've made together and looking forward to the future. Happy Birthday Oscar!

Miss Chewie is one of Duke's long time best buds. While she may be little, Chewie has no problem holding her own and even giving the giant breeds a piece of her mind if they step too close! Chewie has made some lifelong friendships in our pack and we absolutely love seeing her every week. Happy Birthday Chewie!

Savannah is a cool cucumber when she's with the pack, almost as if she has to show off for those 'other' dogs. All bets are off if we see her human family when we drop off! Then she's a wiggling mess of an overjoyed dog! Savannah likes to spend her off-leash time slowly meandering and sniffing every clump of grass. It's been a pleasure working with you and developing our relationship, Happy Birthday Savannah!

Freya and her family have been friends of ours for a long time. We started working with Freya with the intention of helping her with some of her anxiety. I think that the power of the pack has helped her to feel more comfortable in the big, scary outside world. It's taken a long time (and will continue to take time) for her to start relaxing and opening up, but she's made leaps and bounds. Thanks for having the courage little girl. Happy Birthday Freya!

All of the Birthdays this month are dogs that I've known and been working with long before I ever considered starting Silver Jet Dog. I find myself feeling very thankful for all the opportunities I've had over the years that have led me here.

As always, Happy Trails

Holly, Duke and Jax