Remembering Loki

It was with heavy hearts that we heard of the passing of our Pack Member Loki this past week.

When I first started working with Loki, it took him quite a while to actually greet me at the door when I picked him up, he used to just lay in bed and look at me weird. But after a while, he started greeting me at the door with the biggest dog smile you've ever seen. I fondly remember the way he would bark at dogs as we drove by - just 2 or 3 barks to let them know he was there. He used to try to "play" with Jaxsley (ie run his nose into Jax's back, jump back and do it again, Jax would look at him like he was crazy and walk away). When at the dog park, he loved to hang back and sniff in the trees and make us wait for him to catch up. We had our share of experiences together including a memorable stop at the dog wash after Loki had rolled in a dead fish.

Over the past year, I saw Loki age little by little. His hips were stiff and sore so I started lifting him in and out of the van. Loki is the reason that I started my Silvers Club - I wanted to make sure that I would still have a place for him in the pack when he no longer could keep up on the long walks. He helped me see the changing needs of my pack members and showed me that flexibility is a good quality to have.

To help celebrate Loki's time with us, I've put together a few photos and videos for you to see.

From our Silver Jet Family, we want to say thank you to Loki. And thank you to Loki's family.

Holly, Sophie, Duke, Jax and The Pack.

This was Loki's first walk (January 2018) with the pack, a balmy January afternoon!

Here are some of my favourite group photos (right and left arrows to view)

A video from over a year ago showing off his on-leash walking skills.

It's so hard to choose a few candid shots of Loki, I have 2.5 years worth, but I did my best.

Loki in the back practicing off-leash heeling with the pack.

A few shots of our time building the Silvers Club together.

And FAR too many selfies.

We will miss you Loki.

August 30, 2006 - July 18, 2020