Reflections From Sophie 2

I'm coming up to two months with Silver Jet now and I can't quite believe it, I have been absolutely falling in love with the pack members as I get to know them more, and I am so grateful for the joy they bring to my days whenever I am out with them.

Holly has been challenging me with walking packs of five now and adding additional pack exercises for me to learn and work with the pack which has been super fun.

I remember from the beginning, Holly would ask me to try and be in the moment every time I was out with the pack. Something that will be impactful with one dog one day, may not work at all the next. We chatted about meditation, being mindful and how taking deep breaths can help you to centre yourself and bring you back into the moment, and how if everything seems too much, it's ok to take a moment to reset, and then start again.

This was a huge takeaway for me! 

I am learning to remind myself of this every day now, and not just when I'm with the dogs. How can I really be in the moment on only Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?!

I'm learning that it's ok to take your time, rushing can lead to mistakes and quite frankly, anxiety! That's not the kind of vibe I want to give out to the pack. My biggest learning from this has been how to project a calm and collected posture to the pack, something I aim to get better at every day.

The learning never ends and I can't wait to share more learnings as I continue on with Silver Jet.

- Sophie