Reflections from Sophie

Well, I am now two weeks in with the Silver Jet team and what can I say?! Holly has graciously taken me under her wing and I am learning so much more than I ever realized I could in such a short time, I even joked I felt like I knew nothing about dogs until I started with Silver Jet!

Not only am I so excited to be learning from my amazing pack trainer Holly, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the dogs in the pack. They have been so patient and gentle with me as I learn the Silver Jet ways. I am learning how to recognize dog behaviour and body language, and how to use my own body language to assert myself as a pack leader for the pups. 

The mix of structure and free time for the dogs is something I was missing as I walked dogs solo for clients, and now I truly see the benefit of pack walking. After all, being a part of a pack is in their nature. I love seeing the enjoyment they get out of it and firmly believe every dog should have the opportunity to be a part of a pack with a purpose. 

As much fun as I am having, I am having my fair share of challenges as I learn what each dog is trying to communicate with me and how to communicate back to them. I felt pretty honoured to get to walk Holly's dog Duke recently, this felt like a really big deal to me (even though he walked so nicely because he was pooped after a nice walk in the heat. Good boy Duke!).

What I do know is that Holly has my back whenever I need guidance, she is always there giving me the tools I need to succeed, a journey I now see will be never-ending (in a good way!). I can feel myself getting very attached to each member of the pack, and can't wait to continue on this journey and keep learning and growing as a pack leader.