Pack Training Exercises and Games

Our Pack Training Exercises and Games are really the cherry on top of our existing On-Leash and Off-Leash Pack Activities to create a well rounded physical and mental workout for your dog.

By practicing these Exercises and Games we hope to achieve the following with your dog:

1. Building a good foundational relationship with your dog built on mutual trust and respect.

2. Develop Patience, Focus, Attentiveness, and Obedience

What are Pack Training Exercises and Games?

There are many Exercises and Games that we work on with the pack - we are constantly developing new ones and fine-tuning our existing ones. Here are a few examples:

Change of Pace: Encourages Attentiveness and Obedience

While On-Leash the handler will walk very fast/jog for a count of 5, change to a medium pace for a count of 5, change to a very slow pace for a count of 5 and repeat.

The pack is expected to maintain proper loose leash behaviour through the pace changes. This really encourages the dogs to keep their attention on the handler to know what pace will come next and react quickly and appropriately.

Treat Giving Game with a Group Sit: Encourages Patience, Attentiveness and Obedience

While the whole pack is maintaining a sit, each dog is offered a small treat one at a time in a closed fist. The treat is only given the dog when that dog has stopped sniffing/licking for it, has relaxed a bit (even if only for a millisecond! - Bonus points if that dog makes eye contact with the handler) and the rest of the pack is maintaining their calm group sit.

This is a huge test of patience for each dog to wait patiently for their turn to get a treat. In addition, it builds respect for the handler when they have to stop sniffing at the treat and be in a calmer state of mind before they can receive it.

Off-Leash/Long Leash Direction Changes: Encourages Attentiveness and Obedience

With Off-Leash Dogs or dogs on a Long Leash, the handler lets them have some free time before turning around and walking/jogging in a totally opposite direction. The dogs are expected to follow the handler in walking the new direction, they are not expected to come right back to the handler as what is expected in recall. The Handler will call any dogs that do not already follow.

This teaches the dogs that they need to keep an eye on the handler at all times. It is a very fun game for them to run after the handler which helps build the handler-dog relationship as well as laying down or reinforcing ground work for recall.

Off-Leash Heeling: Encourages Attentiveness, Obedience, Patience and Focus

This is an exercise where the off-leash dogs are asked to walk in a heel position beside or behind the walker despite any distractions or smells they may want to go check out.

This is a difficult exercise for some dogs as it tests their impulse control. Even though the are off-leash, they are still being asked to walk in a certain position with an "invisible" leash. They must keep their eye on the handler, focus on the task at hand and practice patience and obedience.

Why do you work on these exercises?

At Silver Jet Dog, we strongly believe that a happy and mentally healthy dog is one that is challenged physically and mentally. We believe that training is a perfect medium to develop a beautiful relationship with each dog built on mutual trust and respect. We believe in the power of the pack to help, support and teach each other to be stand-up dog citizens.

We've developed these Exercises and Games to work with each pack on a more intimate level to provide an experience that they can't get anywhere else.

Are you ready to join our pack and sign your dog up for Pack Class?