Our Service Promise

How we treat our customers is a large part of what makes us special. Here I will outline the 4 pillars of our Customer Service Mandate.

1. Respectful

2. Trustworthy

3. Organized, Reliable, Accountable and Professional

4. Actively Listen

1. Respectful

We treat all of our human and dog clients with the utmost respect. This also means that we hold no judgement and welcome all. When our arms are wide open, creating space for you and your dog to be who you are, then we can learn the best way to work with you and your dog and move forward with a great relationship.

2. Reliable and Trustworthy

Our clients trust us to be there when we say we will, to do a good job, to keep their dogs safe, and to be transparent in our communications. We hold this trust as a badge of honour.

3. Organized, Accountable, Professional and Personable

We aim to anticipate our clients' needs and have the information ready and available to them. We communicate with our clients in an organized and professional manner. We treat each communication as an opportunity to exceed expectations, build meaningful relationships and deepen our connections. We know your name, some of your goals with your dog and are eager to learn more whenever the opportunity presents itself.

4. Actively Listen

It is so important that we start and maintain every relationship with a thorough understanding of you and your dog's needs. It is our mandate to practice "Active Listening" when talking with our clients. That means that we will listen to you, we will ask clarifying and appropriate questions to better understand you, and we will use that information to make sure your experience with us is unmatched.