My Day -The Run Down Part 1

My friends and family know that I'm a dog walker, but when talking with them, I realize that many of them don't always have a clear idea of what that looks like.

So I've decided that over the Summer months, my blog posts will largely be stories about my days or insights into the dog walking life!

To start off, I thought I would give you all a quick run down of what a typical day for me looks like:


I like to wake up an hour or so before I have to get ready. That way I have plenty of time to have a breakfast shake, feed and pee the dogs, get my lunch in order, enjoy a cup of coffee, enjoy 10-20min of silence and breath (yes talking about meditation, but I'm trying not to be cliche - how am I doing?) and maybe catch up on any emails that have come in.

And then we start the getting ready routine:

1. Make sure I've gone pee!

2. Put on my dog clothes (when your 2-legged partner in crime is allergic to dogs, you have to keep all your dog clothes away from the sleeping area, so this is actually a bit of a step!)

3. Put on ALL THE SUNSCREEN (if you don't follow me on F

acebook, you should. But also because I've recently posted some great articles about sunscreen and sun protection!)

4. Make a coffee for the road

5. Get outta dodge!

First stop in the morning is Scout and Charlie, my two favourite Border Collies. These two get a personalized private walk for 30min. During their walks, I focus on a) burning energy and b) building up obedience and patience to work on their dog reactivity.

After the short first walk of the morning, I start on the AM pack walk pick-ups. This usually takes just over an hour. How long it takes all depends on the clients booked in for that day and where in the city they are. (I also usually need a pee break during morning pick ups, too much coffee I guess).

{A smart walker will only accept clients within their designated service area and schedule their clients so that they are doing the least amount of back and forth driving as possible. I'm not always smart as I have been known to take on clients outside of my designated area because of special needs or referrals (or because I love the dog!). Over the years I have gotten a lot better at scheduling and strategic planning to reduce on driving time as much as possible - but I still have a lot to learn from the master walkers in Calgary! }

The morning pack mainly consists of clients that aren't suitable for the off-leash park (for various reasons) and our full day clients. I take the opportunity to go for a nice long on-leash pack walk - we usually end up traveling 4-5km. 4-5km isn't a lot if your walking on your own or only with 1-2 dogs, but when you have to pick up poop for up to 8 dogs, you end up moving a little slower.

One of my favourite routes for this walk is starting in Mount Royal and making our way towards the Elbow river pathway for some exploration.

The "quick" run down will have to continue next week as I seem to have used up my allocated typing space!

Until next week, happy trails,

Holly, Duke and Jax