Lessons From The Van 5

Another moment, another edition of "Lessons from the van". Enjoy!

1. Stop making everything a big deal

If you read my Instagram posts, then this won't be a new idea for you. If you don't, prepare for your mind to be blown.

Concept: Not everything is as big a deal as you think it is.


I'm pretty sure humans are the only animals that spend so much time worrying about the future or the past - not the present. It's my experience that I tend to make a big emotional story about something that will occur in the future - Stressing out about a client, how am I going to schedule next week, what will my business look like in 5 years, 1 year, 1 month, next week, tomorrow. But every single time I pass a landmark - tomorrow comes, the stressful thing happens - I look back and realize it really wasn't worth my mental/emotional energy. It was just a thing that came and went.

So, stop making everything a big deal.

2. Be clear with your communications

I find that there are many communications in this world that skirt around a point that could have been clearly communicated from the start.

Just the other day, I asked a client "are you letting your dog off-leash". What I really meant to ask was whether the client wanted ME to let their dog off-leash. So instead of asking a clear question, I skirted around the point and then had to clarify my point anyways! Talk about wasted time.

If you think back on your day, did you have any interactions like this? Could you have been clearer with your communications?

3. Electrolytes will save your life

Especially in this heat, it is SO IMPORTANT to stay hydrated. Sometimes staying hydrated means a little more than just drinking water - it's about drinking electrolytes.

Now, I'm no nutritionist nor doctor nor scientist. I'm just a person that found some information on Google - so don't ask me how it works, I just know that it makes me feel better.

Thanks to the good ol' google, I've found myself a DIY electrolyte drink mix that tastes good, isn't full of extra sugar (just the regular sugar, ya know!) and is relatively inexpensive (compared to the electrolyte powders and drinks that you can buy!).

  1. Get an empty 2L container (cleaned out pop bottle works well - plus you get to drink some pop)

  2. Put in 1.5 cups of lemon juice

  3. Add 3 cups Orange Juice

  4. Add 3 cups Coconut Water

  5. Slightly heat 3 heaping tablespoons of honey and add to the mix

  6. Add 1.5 teaspoons (ish) of salt (let's be honest. I just shake the salt shaker in 3 times to get 3 little piles and call it a day)

  7. Shake bottle well

  8. Mix approximately 1 part electrolyte mixture with 3-5 parts water to taste

  9. Keep Mixture refrigerated

Voila! DIY electrolyte mix!

Until next time, Happy Trails

Holly, Duke and Jax