Lessons from the Van 4

It has been quite literally ages since I visited the "Lessons from the Van" series! I am writing this one 2 months into the Covid-19 isolation. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Blue shop towels are STILL worth their weight in gold (see Lessons from the Van 3)

Everything from cleaning to DIY face mask filters, they are pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

2. Learn how to smile with your eyes.

As we adjust to the new mask-wearing normal, I am very aware of how many communication cues we take from people's faces. So my solution, learn how to express with your eyes. And we all know that smiling is the best medicine, so that should be first on your list.

3. Treat every single interaction as something really special, because it will never happen again.

There is nothing like a couple of months of social isolation to make one see every human interaction as something special. I took this experience as a reminder that every moment, and every interaction, is unique and will never occur in just that way ever again. So cherish them.

Until next time, Happy Trails

Holly, Duke and Jax