Lessons from the Van 3

1. The blue shop towels are worth their weight in gold

I just recently splurged and bought a roll of the blue shop towels ($3) instead of regular paper towel. Totally worth it! A cleaning job that might use 5 paper towels only uses 1 shop towel. I'm sold!

2. Always wear sunscreen

You would be amazed how much damaging sun exposure you can get in Calgary, especially in the winter. After being lectured a few times by a few friends and professionals, I now ALWAYS wear sunscreen when I'm working. All mineral SPF 50. So if you've wondered why I sometimes look a little bit like a vampire, that's why!

3. Carry an extra water bottle for emergency paw rinsing

Sometimes we run into a pile of mud totally by accident, and I really dislike dropping off a muddy dog. Thankfully the dogs usually dry out in the car during drop offs, but more than once I've used an extra water bottle and a towel to rinse and dry particularly muddy paws. An extra wide-mouthed bottle is now a staple in my car kit!