Lazy Butts!

Who here is guilty of having one too many lazy days in a row? Hey, we just had a weekend, did anyone here laze around ALL WEEKEND? Was it awesome? Did you feel guilty about it?

Good questions, but not at all what this blog post is about!

I'm talking a literal butt - a gluteus maximus. Yeah, that big ass (pun!) muscle that is your butt.

So a couple of weeks ago, I learned that mine was being lazy. I didn't really know that was a thing. A muscle is there to work, right? How can it be lazy? It's not like there's a couch with Netflix and a bag of potato chips waiting around for it. But alas, your muscles can become "lazy". As in they aren't firing properly or being used properly so some other part of your body is being overused to compensate.

There's actually a term for this phenomenon: Dormant Butt Syndrome.

So my butt just happens to be dormant. Not "lazy" - just Dormant (who am I kidding, LOL!).

I found this out after completing over a week of private walks for my clients when we were dealing with Kennel cough in our pack (for anyone reading this who doesn't know about this - I should probably write a post about it). My lower back was absolutely killing me. I went for a massage, and my therapist (being my brilliant sister in law) poked my butt, got me to do a few movements, then said "Holly, you're butt isn't doing a thing. Your lower back and your hamstrings are doing everything, no wonder your back is so f***ed up".

So, after my massage she gave me a few butt exercises and a few stretches and told me to remember to squeeze my butt in the "toe-off" position when I'm walking. (You step forward with your right foot, and your left leg and foot are behind you when you left toe is lifting off the ground, that is when your left butt cheek should be firing, and vice versa)

And voila. It's like magic. My back hasn't been sore since!

Anyways, the whole point of this is that there is a huge percentage of butts out there that are lazy. If you spend a lot of time sitting, you are at risk (no joke).

Here is a link to (more) a comprehensive blog post giving some more details about Dormant Butt Syndrome ( I urge you to check it out if you have ever experienced any lower back pain.

And in the meantime, I have used this experience to bring me back to being present while I'm walking with my pack. Not only is it a preferable state for me to be in, It helps calm the dogs, and I can now focus on squeezing and activating my butt at the right moments.

Never a dull moment,

Until Next Time, Happy Trails.

Holly, Duke and Jax