Goodbye Meeko!

Sometimes saying goodbye is hard and horrible (most times really), but sometimes those feelings are masked by joy, respect, awe and some serious well-wishing. This is one of those cases.

Meeko is moving away to support her Mom in the journey that is moving forward with your career and excelling in every way possible. I have so much respect for Meeko's mom in what she does and what she has set out to accomplish. It is such a joy to have had a little hand in helping someone achieve their goals (yes I will totally hang out with Meeko while you work hard at solving the world's problems!).

Meeko has been with the pack for just over 3 years (wow time flies)! She has made her mark on my heart and more recently Sophie's. Meeko was a great teacher for Sophie, our newest Pack Leader, and has taught me a good number of lessons as well.

Previously, I had never worked with a dog so rooted in her survival instincts. I mean that in the sense that she is a veteran at catching all sorts of small animals and has a nose for already dead animals. And yes, she will eat them. Just a few weeks ago, Meeko straight up caught a mouse and ate it - all while on-leash. Previously she found a roadkill squirrel and it took me a good amount of time to pry it out of her mouth. Talk about a woman who can take care of herself!

Meeko is one of the only dogs that has run away from me, that was 2.5 years ago. That unfortunate January afternoon found me first running around the area looking for her, then driving around yelling down alleyways until finally, someone found her sitting on their porch. A good 2ish hour search party. (I jokingly say that anything that could go wrong has gone wrong for me over the time I've been working with dogs - so thank you Meeko for checking that one off my list!).

I will remember fondly her weird way of running around super low to the ground - her version of running zoomies; her amazing ears and beautiful eyes; her near-perfect heeling skills; her acceptance of all new situations, pack members, and activities; and her weird army crawl towards me when I picked her up from her home.

So, while we are sad to see our lovely eyelined brown beauty go, we are overjoyed with the new adventures she and her mom are about to start! Plus, we'll get to see Meeko when she comes back for holidays!

I hope you can enjoy this little collection of photos from her time with us.

So long Meeko, looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Holly, Sophie, Duke and Jax.