Goodbye Buffy! Have fun in Toronto!

This month we had to say farewell to one of our long time friends as she moved away to Toronto.

Buffy is one of the sweetest, most loving and cuddly lady I've met. She's also one of the most challenging dogs I've ever worked with.

I bounced Buffy back and forth between the regular pack walks, small group walks and adding private training sessions into her week over the 2ish years that she was part of our pack. Our focus and goal with her was to maintain a general calmness during the walk. Buffy would go from an energetic 1 in the house to an 10+ as soon as we walked out of the door.

I warmly remember one private session that we did where we practiced going in and out of her crate, in and out of the front door, up and down the hallway in her apartment building, up and down the stairs, back and forth through the lobby, in and out of the main doors to finally get a potty break. Then we would head back up to her apartment and do it all over again. Our goal was to have a tiny bit of patience and calmness and acknowledgement from Buffy before we proceeded to the next step.

Thank you Buffy for everything you've taught me over the years of knowing and working with you. I know you've made me a better dog handler, and I only hope that some of the work we did and progress we made together stays with you in your new surroundings.

We wish Buffy and her mom all the best in their new adventures.

Thank you so much,

Miss you guys already!

Holly, Duke and Jax