Fall Birthdays 2019

From October - December, we wished SIX of our 4-legged friends a Happy Birthday. Read on to meet our party poopers!

She is our Greyhound/Wolfhound cross that often gets mistaken for a Borzoi (which I admittedly didn't know what it was until I looked it up). If we were blasted into a medieval children's story, and out pack became all sorts of mystical creatures, she would be the dragon. She is the subject of Duke's 2-year long crush, and she still won't pay him any mind. She is..... MAVIS!

He is our purebred Wolfhound that gets mistaken for a horse (or a pony - don't worry, I knew what those ones looked like without having to look them up!). He is our choir director in the car and he sings his heart out when the energy is right. He is playful and energetic - I've had people come up to me and say that they've never seen a wolfhound run before - on the walk but a big couch potato when we're done... He's NORMAN!

He's not the second Weim I've had the pleasure to work with, but the second that I've spent any significant time with. He's a little nervous and scared to put his best paw forward, but over the last year (and a bit) his personality has started to shine. He's played one or two little games of chase and has even enjoyed it - as long as he is the one doing the chasing! Otherwise, he will hide behind my legs. He's slowly breaking out of his shell, He is..... WILSON!

She is timid around strollers and loud sounds. She will give you an alert "woof" bark if she sees someone far away walking towards you. And yet, she refuses to leave the dog park without greeting every dog there and showing off how fast and agile she is! She is a gentle soul and an absolute lover (as long as you aren't dragging a wagon), she's... PENNY!

He is the number one big floof, he is friendly and outgoing and matches his playing energy to the size and skill of the dog he's playing with. He refuses to slow down, even if he is sore - can't waste a walking moment he says! He has the biggest bark on the block, but it's not his fault. He just wants ALL of your love and attention (and to walk and play!). He is... OPI!

He is the most wonderful pack dog I could have the pleasure to walk. Perfect leash skills, amazing recall, friendly with all the dogs, curious, outgoing and fun. Just make sure you don't make any sudden movements near him or any loud noises, that's when his anxious border collie side comes out and he will jump feet in the air. He loves playing fetch and will force you to pet him, he's... JAXSLEY!

Until next time, happy trails my party poopers!

Holly, Duke and Jax