Building the Business: The Values Part 1

There will (theoretically) be a few posts about a few of the core values of Silver Jet Dog. In this post, I would like to talk about the Charitable giving aspect of my business. As many of you already know, I have pledged to donate 2% of my gross revenue this quarter the Wellspring Calgary ( Last quarter I did a Nail Trims for Charity program and donated the proceeds to the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation ( In the future I hope to maintain my charitable giving and even increase them if possible.

*If you're curious about why I've chosen the past two charities please ask! I've shared my stories in my quarterly newsletters and on Facebook, but I'm more than happy to tell them again :)

I grew up in a middle-class family. While money wasn't something that came in truckloads, I always had everything I needed. Even though at times I thought otherwise - I definitely wasn't the kid at school sporting the latest brand name fashion trends or buying lunch every day, but I did ok.

While we didn't have a tonne of money, my family was always careful to make donations to charity every year. Often multiple times a year to multiple different charities. The whole idea for us was that we didn't need the extra wealth to live comfortably, so why not share it around to help the rest of the world.

My mother in particular always budgeted a certain amount of money every year to go to charities. She earmarked a certain amount to go to specific charities benefiting certain areas of need. She would have her favourite environmental charities, local charities, and international charities. In addition to these contributions, we would often participate in a program where we would "adopt" a family over the Christmas season and fill a shoebox full of gifts for each member of the family.

So throughout my whole childhood, giving to charity was always something on the back of my mind, especially during this time of year. So, for someone like me who struggles a bit with shyness and social anxiety (I hide it well, even from myself at times!), giving and receiving gifts can be a little scary. The thought of donating to a charity in the name of whoever I'm buying for seems like a much safer option than giving a gift that may not be appreciated.

So when I was barnstorming on the Silver Jet brand, it occurred to me that being charitable is 1) something I already do though not in an official capacity, and 2) something I would be so proud to stand for.

So instead of just doing a little fundraising (the nail trims for charity), I decided that I could donate a portion of my total revenue, which means that by using my services, a percentage is guaranteed to go to a local charity.

Local was important to me too. It makes sense that if I'm working and walking in this community, I should support this community, ya know? As the future becomes the present (har har), I hope to alternate between charities that help animals and the environment and charities that help our human community members. It makes me so proud to state that a portion of EVERY SINGLE WALK goes to charity. It makes me all jittery - happy styles!

Here's to the first blog post in a month, the first instalment of me hashing out my company values, the beginning of the winter holiday season and expanding our circle of awareness.

Until next time, Happy Trails

Holly, Duke and Jax