Building the Business: The Brand

As promised at the end of my last post, I'd like to take the fall to focus my writing on some of the more business-y aspects of - well - my business. I'm honestly not sure who (if anyone) will be interested in this topic, but it's something that's been all-consuming for me for a while. So where better to work out some thoughts (and some of this will be me working them out) through blogging!

About a year or so ago, I started getting interested in investing (I promise I'll bring this back to dogs, just hold on!). There were a couple of major things that happened in my life to spark this interest, but let's just say that the idea of being largely independently wealthy within 20 years sounded pretty darn good.

I've spent probably a good 100 or more hours listening to audiobooks and podcasts about investing. "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" x3 (the original, cashflow quadrant, investing), "Stock Market Investing for Beginners", "Emotional Intelligence" (though not strictly an investing book, still very useful), "Think and Grow Rich", "The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner", "InvestED", "Rule #1 Investing" and countless hours of podcasts.

My favourite out of this whole list is Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing books (and the investED podcasts). Yes, I find his method quite intriguing (and I swear once I find the time I'm going to jump right on it!), but more importantly because it teaches this: The best businesses to invest in will have intrinsic characteristics that give it a durable, competitive advantage.

And this is where my journey begins. Well, the one I'm on now.

One day, I had an epiphany. Instead of learning about other people's businesses because I want to invest in them, why not look at my own business as an investment opportunity (duuhhhh, forehead slap).

*Sidenote: there is a lot more to the just the durable competitive advantage when looking at businesses, and a lot more that applies to me personally, but we have to start somewhere.

Once I had made the decision to focus on my business as an investment opportunity, I spent another 15 or so hours listening to specific Pet Business Books (if you're interested, I would recommend anything by Kristin Morrison).

One of the first things that any business book will discuss is your BRAND (which, coincidentally, is one of the things that would give a business a competitive advantage). What I've learned, is that a brand is much, MUCH more than just a logo and (maybe) a tag line. It's a personality, a promise, a purpose. It's your language, your identity, your values. None of which I thought I had. All this stuff is for people in board rooms to discuss and have big donut fuelled meetings about, right? NOT!

After a frantic phone call to my website lady (shout out to Rio!), and another frantic reach out to some friends, I finally hired a logo and branding expert (shout out to Jordan!).

And with hours of brainstorming and working things out, this is some of the words that I've come up with that describes the Silver Jet Brand (values, descriptors, anything that I think Silver Jet is).

- building relationships (with dogs and humans)

- respect and trust

- mindfulness

- presence

- intentional focus

- calm, cool and collected. Not overly emotional in any direction.

- balance

- down to earth and direct

- experience

- edgy

- honestly

- community and environmental focus

- continuous learning

- constant improvement

- consistent

I would like to open the floor to all of my clients to offer their own ideas as to how they perceive my brand, just head on over to the facetubes and leave a comment!

Until next time, Happy Trails,

Holly, Duke and Jax