Animal Emergency Task Force

The Animal Emergency Task Force (AETF) was a charity chosen by Silver Jet Clients via an online survey. Over the past couple of months, I've had the pleasure of communicating back and forth with the AETF and supporting them not only in a monetary way but in a building awareness kind of way.

The AETF is a Response Team dedicated to helping animals in an emergency or disaster situation by preparing for, rescuing, receiving and reuniting animals with owners. They also offer training and can help to provide local municipalities with an Emergency Social Services Plan for Animal Response in an emergency or disaster.

This organization started from a group of people who have previously assisted animals in the 2013 Floods, the 2016 Ft. McMurray Fires and the Southern Alberta Fires in 2018, and a small assist in the Wabasca 2019 fires.

At the time of fundraising, the AETF was raising funds to transform a school bus into a mobile response unit. We are happy to see that their bus transformation is underway!

We fundraised for the Animal Emergency Task Force January - March 2020.