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We strive for continuous learning and constant improvement.

Silver Jet Dog was founded in 2017 by Holly and Duke. In 2020, the Pack Class model (including On-Leash Pack Walking, Off-leash Activities and Pack Training Exercises and Games) was established making Silver Jet Dog one of the first Calgary companies – if not THE first – to offer such a unique dog walking experience.

But Silver Jet Dog is more than an amazing service. They actively choose to prioritize client communications, service guarantees, environmentally friendly choices, charity donations, community building newsletters and thoughtful blog posts.

Silver Jet Dog is a young and growing business with big dreams to change the way that you experience dog walking in Calgary. Silver Jet Dog is A Pack With A Purpose.

We are looking for an exceptional, mature, open-minded and motivated individual with a passion for dogs and a strong interest in all kinds of dog training to join our pack as our newest Pack Leader. You must agree with our philosophies, handling styles, and be ready to dive in the deep end to learn everything we have to offer.


Silver Jet Dog Inc. is a young and growing company with big dreams. We want you to come along and be part of our journey. Opportunities for growth are endless!


  • 18+

  • No criminal record (background check is required)

  • Valid Driver's License

  • A well-maintained vehicle capable of carrying 6 dogs of various sizes (mechanic's inspection and seasonal winter tires are required)

Please submit your resume and cover letter, or inquiries, to info@silverjetdog.com


Looking forward to meeting you!


Owner/Operator/Pack Leader


Owner, operator, pack leader

Hi! I'm Holly. Silver Jet Dog has been my brainchild and a good portion of my life for over 3 years. As Silver Jet Dog has grown and developed, I've gained a better understanding of myself and my purpose. Many businesses want to sell you “peace of mind,” and I hope that I can accomplish that.


But even more, I want to develop a relationship with you and your dog. I want to change the way that small businesses operate, and I want to change the way that Calgary does dog walking. My goal with Silver Jet Dog is to create a space for every one of my clients, human and dogs alike, to grow, reflect, improve, deepen relationships, learn and practice mindfulness and awareness in their communities and their lives. I wish this for all my clients, and I practice this in every interaction.


I am the proud caregiver to Duke the Weimaraner (my main guy) and Jaxsley the Border Collie (my adoptive snuggle bug). These two push me every day in such different ways to be a creative problem solver, an adaptive and exceptional dog handler, and most of all, a better person.

Meet our pack leaders


Pack leader

Hi Everyone! I'm Sophie and have been a part of the Silver Jet Team since May 2020. I enjoy learning from and working with Holly and all of the Monday/Wednesday/Friday dogs.

My love of dogs started at a young age but became more serious after I started dog sitting a friend's Samoyed regularly. While I don't currently share time with a dog of my own, I have a wonderful "Step-dog" Huckleberry that loves to join in on the pack activities. I have been an active private dog walker and sitter in Calgary for over 2 years and am excited to be stepping into the Pack Walking world.

Before starting with Silver Jet Dog, I was at school receiving my Education Assistant Certificate at MRU and spending lots of time working with children.

I am amazed at how wonderful all of Holly's clients are. Everyone was so kind to me while I went through my intensive Pack Leader Training and continue to be amazing as I've become a full-fledged Pack Leader.


pack leader
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